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Who We Are

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We are a not for profit counselling agency located in the heart of downtown Calgary. We are proud to practice and teach principled and social-justice-centered Narrative therapy. Clients from all walks of life are welcome - we are not interested in cookie cutter identities, but your unique stories of living. We seek to engage our clients in conversations that are respectful of all that you have lived, felt, thought and dreamed. Our team is Women-, Queer-, and Indigenous-led with certification in psychology, social work, nursing, and family therapy.

Our mission is our unwavering commitment to our clients to provide the means to tell their stories in ways that make them stronger (we write poems to all our clients!), to grow belonging for those at the at the edge of their lives, to grasp the through-lines that hold firm in times of suffering, and always, always to raise spirit. Your story matters!

Who We Are: About Me
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