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A dark room lit by a single window with a plant on the window sill

What is Narrative Therapy?

In the words of bell hooks, "we came to theory because we were hurting." We needed to find an alternative approach to the glib advice-giving, patronizing theories, and arrogant expert orientations rampant in our field today. We found this alternative in the ideas and practices of Narrative Therapy.

As Narrative Therapists, we are engrossed with the task of crafting and asking good questions. Good questions have a dramatic effect: they can awaken an insurrection, transform what is familiar, wrangle with oppressive problem stories, in order to welcome us into new realms of felt freedom, trustworthiness, and living options.


We pride ourselves not in dispensing prescriptions on how to live but knowing how to find things out. 

If you're interested in finding out more or seeing if our work is a good fit - check out our published work:

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