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The Calgary Narrative Collective provides individual, couple, and group therapy. Our team of therapists are informed by Narrative therapy ideas and practices, that emphasize warm, dignified, and non-pathologizing working relationships. We are committed to an affordable sliding fee scale based on income and number of dependents (starting at $45/session) in order to facilitate access to competent counselling at a reasonable rate.

Sessions are available most week days, evenings, and Saturdays.

Our modern lives in the Western world press us to experience particular dilemmas. There is an epidemic of struggles with ideas of catastrophic personal failure, whether it is in the realms of relationships, at work, with our chosen or unchosen families, or in our own skin. The practices of denial, abuse of power, and oppression that silence our preferred voices continue to run rampant. Panic, isolation, hopelessness, misery, anguish, and despair loom large over many lives.

Against this backdrop, we are honoured to witness our clients' active and passionate engagements in practices of protest, of love, of meaningfulness. We pride ourselves on the tradition of narrative values that has pressed us to take up particular ways of involvement including the craft of good questions, practices of letter-writing and witnessing ceremonies. We are delighted with co-investigating ways to expand the avenues of acknowledgment beyond the counselling room to our clients' loved ones and communities.

For more information, or to make an initial appointment with a therapist, email us by clicking the button below.

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