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What We Do

  • At the CNC, we provide counselling services to individuals and couples. We are also happy to welcome your chosen loved ones to your therapy sessions, if that is what you wish. Even though individual therapy is the predominant model of our times, you might come to discover together with your therapist that what you thought of as your own personal problem is more shared than you thought. All struggles have a context of their creation- you are not alone!

  • We practice from a Narrative therapy perspective. Narrative therapy differs slightly from other approaches in that Narrative therapists center the stories of your unique lived experiences rather than over-valuing generic therapist advice. For example, we will write you therapeutic poems after each of your sessions to reflect on the stories of your life that we have shaped together rather than giving you homework of breathing strategies. We also believe that "the person is not the problem but the problem is the problem." Our lovely clients have taught us to make one assumption only: that problems, relationships, and struggles are far more interesting than you would perhaps give yourself credit for.

  • We are committed to an affordable sliding fee scale based on income (starting at $45/session) as we don't believe that good counselling should be a super-privileged affair.

  • We offer sessions flexibly both on zoom as well as in-person at our offices and on week days, evenings, or Saturdays, depending on your needs.

  • We believe in medium-length therapy of 12-15 sessions as a perfectly fitting time frame to work out original understandings of your current struggles and accompany you in undertaking meaningful steps into the future of your dreams. 

  • Our therapists work together as a team. We believe that good quality therapy requires thought, time, and intelligent and joyful team conversation and support. If you're anxious about a good fit with a therapist, it might ease your mind to know that we work as a team and can also facilitate an easy transfer should you wish it. Regardless of their years of experience, all the therapists at the CNC participate in weekly supervision meetings designed to study our work to better serve you. You will see one of us in session, but will get the benefit of many thoughtful minds!

  • If you're interested in finding out more or seeing if our work is a good fit - check out our published work:

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